Company Policies

Company Policies

Swift Transport’s company policies can be found below

Drugs and Alcohol Policy


Swift is committed to providing, maintaining and improving the standards of health and safety in the workplace. This commitment includes maintaining a healthy work environment free from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse for all its sub-contractors.

Alcoholism and drug dependence are recognised as highly complex but treatable health issues which may interfere with a sub-contractor's health and work performance.

Swift regards an individual's dependence on alcohol and/or drugs as an illness and therefore encourages any sub-contractor with this problem to seek further treatment. Where practicable and appropriate, Swift Transport will also aim to offer assistance to any sub-contractor with a drug or alcohol related problem.

1. Application of Policy

All sub-contractors of Swift Transport, including all persons who enter the premises to perform work of any nature for Swift Transport, no matter if that contact is brief in nature, are bound to observe and respect this policy.

Breaches of this policy may result in termination of the contract between Swift Transport and the sub-contractor.

The sub-contractor must also refer to Swift Transport’s Occupational Health & Safety policy which applies in conjunction with this policy. Both policies must be read carefully.

2. Definitions

"Company Premises"

Means all company buildings and offices, work locations, car parks, desks, individual lockers and any other premises where a sub-contractor is engaging in company business.

"Prohibited Drugs and Substances" and "Drugs/Substances of Dependence"

Means any drugs or substances prohibited by any State or Commonwealth Legislation (including regulations) and any drug or substance (other than as prescribed for medical purposes) which has the effect of intoxicating, or altering the behaviour of a person including but not limited to Alcohol, Cannabis, Opiate analgesics, Stimulants, Amphetamines, Cocaine, Hallucinogens and Designer drugs.

"Defined Alcohol Limit"

For the purposes of this policy the acceptable level of blood alcohol content (BAC) shall be the legislated requirement for persons in charge of vehicles.

3. Principles: Drugs/Alcohol & Smoking

Since the use of alcohol/drugs affects a sub-contractor's ability to perform, sub-contractors must not be subject to the influence of drugs or exceed the legislated BAC whilst working and especially where mobile equipment or machinery is operating including, but not limited to: cranes, forklifts, trucks or any vehicle, etc.

Smoking (and passive-smoking) is major cause of serious illness

Smoking is not permitted at Swift Transport in the Mandatory Non-Smoking Areas.

Non-smoking/Smoke-free areas (at present) include:

  • all areas where an occupational health and safety hazard might exist;
  • areas with sensitive equipment, computer systems or where records and supplies would be exposed to hazard from fire, ashes or smoke.
  • all areas containing "No Smoking" signs.
  • confined areas of general access such as lifts, toilets and stairwells
  • areas where food is prepared or stored.
  • places where combustible fumes can collect such as in garages, transport loading/unloading areas or storage areas, or where chemicals are used.
  • all INTERIOR spaces (i.e. inside buildings)
  • in ALL interior and/or EXTERIOR areas where another person requests that smoking cease.

Swift Transport may, at any time, amend this policy to increase the number of non-smoking areas and to impose a total ban on smoking.

4. Education & Implementation

It is the responsibility of all managers and supervisors to comply with, and implement this policy.

Further it is the ongoing responsibility of Swift Transport to ensure that all sub-contractors continue to be aware of this policy and program.

Sub-contractors should:

  • Report in writing their drug or alcohol problem to the company before it becomes serious enough to require possible termination of contract or where it may affect the ability of the sub-contractor to work in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Seek appropriate medical and or community help.
  • Agree to accept professional assistance.

The level of assistance provided by Swift transport will be assessed on an individual basis and Swift Transport will endeavour to ensure that confidentiality be maintained.

5. Breach of this policy may result in termination of contract

Sub-contractors must accept responsibility for the standard of their performance and behaviour at work and must not carry out their work or behave in such a manner as may cause harm to themselves or to anyone else at the company premises. This would include contravening the alcohol, drug and smoking policy as set out above.

Breach of this policy may lead to termination of the contract between Swift Transport and the sub-contractor.

6. Guidelines for Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol shall only be served or consumed on Swift Transport’s premises when approval is given by Swift Transport.

An approved function must be specifically approved by a member of Management.

Alcohol will be provided in such a manner as not to encourage consumption to a degree sufficient to compromise the safety of a participant, company sub-contractors, or the general public or to reduce his/her decision making capacity.

An approved function can only take place in a hazard free area where responsible servicing of alcoholic beverages will apply. This includes provision of non-alcoholic and low alcoholic beverages.

7. Sub-contractors Authorised to Drive Company Vehicles

Under no circumstances should any sub-contractor drive a vehicle whilst under the influence of any drug or alcohol where the BAC is in excess of the level prescribed by law.

Any breach of this policy will void indemnity otherwise granted by insurers and render the driver liable for any damage sustained.

8. Signing Page

Swift Transport is committed to ensuring that every Sub-Contractor reads and understands this policy. Therefore, if any part of this policy is not clear or if any Sub-Contractor has a question or comment about this policy they are urged to contact Management immediately.

This policy and its contents are binding on the Sub-Contractor and its breach may result in termination of the contract between the Sub-Contractor and Swift Transport.

I, the undersigned, have been presented with a copy of this Drug & Alcohol Policy and I agree that I will read it thoroughly and carefully and that if I have any questions about its contents whatsoever I will speak to Management.

I acknowledge that this policy is designed to create a safer working life for all sub-contractors who perform work for Swift Transport and agree to be bound by this policy for the life of my contract with Swift Transport..

Amir El-Mir, Director

Safety Policy

Our Safety Objectives:

"Target Zero" is the Swift Group’s Safety philosophy..

We are accountable for our Safety performance across our Transport & Logistics, Warehousing and Building Logistics Management divisions. We drive safe behaviours from the top down, fostering a strong “Safety Culture” in which our people value workplace safety above all else.

Our objective is to deliver:

Zero unsafe workplaces , Zero unsafe work practices & Zero injuries

Our Commitment:

The principles that drive Our TARGET ZERO Safety Policy are:

  • Value of human life above all else and managing risks accordingly
  • Identification, assessment and control of safety risks for our workplaces
  • Safety is an agenda item at every scheduled Management meeting
  • Drive safety culture though open and continuous communications
  • Set targets, develop, implement, and maintain safety standards and systems
  • Comply with all legal requirements and set higher standards for ourselves and our suppliers where unacceptable risks are identified
  • Ensuring our Managers are responsible and accountable for safety
  • Consulting with our people to develop solutions that mitigate or eliminate risk
  • Regular monitoring of progress in our objectives

Our Goal:

To provide safe work for all employees so that everyone returns home fit and well each day.

To be an employer of choice, known for a strong Health & Safety commitment and an industry leader in safety adherence and management.

Authorised by the Director of Swift Transport Pty Ltd on 1st June 2013.

Amir El-Mir, Director

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Objectives:

"Target Green" is the Swift Group’s Environmental philosophy. It is as follows:


"Target Green" is driven by our Management Team & passed onto all employees and clients throughout our business, promoting a "Green Culture" and a genuine awareness to environmental sustainability.

Our Environmental Aim:

"Target Green" – Zero Environmental incidents

Reduce our carbon footprint by minimising consumption

Increase awareness through training & monitoring

Our Commitment:

The principles that drive our “Target Green” Environmental Policy are:

  • Comply with all legislation & laws
  • Identify, assess and control environmental risk for workplace
  • Constantly strive to instil ‘Green Culture’ amongst employees
  • Consult with our people & clients in developing environmental solutions
  • Regular monitoring of progress on our Aims & Targets

Our Target

To comply with all legislative requirements relating to the protection of our environment

To develop a ‘Green Culture’ in our people, clients and society.

To seek out initiatives which actively reduce the effects of our operations on the Environment

Amir El-Mir, Director

Driver Safety Policy

The Swift Group is becoming Australia’s leading Metropolitan Transport & Logistics provider, with blue chip clients operating throughout Australia & Asia.

Our Management Team is committed to achieving best practice, and providing Customers with a high standard of service.

"Safety, Relationships & Great Logistics" is our philosophy. We are guided by the following 7 Swift Group Values:

  • Leadership – We encourage all of our people to make decisions and apply their knowledge & expertise to all tasks.
    We will do this by:
    • Being accountable for our actions
    • Being independent, open minded & enthusiastic
    • Constantly developing and challenging our people
    • Communicating consistently and regularly
    • Being open to customers and employees to see how and why we do things.
    • Building strong teams
  • Safety & Environment – 100% commitment to the safety of our people, our customers, the public, and the environment
  • Integrity – Doing what we promise in a resilient, honest, and respectful manner
  • Initiative & Innovation – Being creative, encouraging ideas & focusing on adding value to our customers.
  • Passion – Caring more than our competitors, being accountable for our performance & having fun while doing our job.
  • Recognition – Recognising and rewarding performance which exceeds expectations
  • Courage – Having the courage to challenge change, & strive for more than we thought possible yesterday

We achieve Customer satisfaction and work to continuously improve our business by:

  • Regular communication, review and follow up of Customer Service data.
  • Adherence to statutory obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice.
  • Active Management and monitoring of business resources.
  • Recruiting and retaining suitably qualified, skilled and experienced personnel.
  • Training and development of competencies within staff.
  • Communicating key performance indicators.
  • Setting and regularly reviewing our performance against targets.

Amir El-Mir, Director