Driver Safety

Driver Safety

We take driver safety very seriously

Swift Transport is committed to the health and well-being of its own staff. That's why Swift Transport has endorsed a safe driving policy that utilises our extensive road safety knowledge and clearly sets out everyone's obligations in helping to deliver a safe driving environment.

Swift Transport Safe Driving Policy assists our drivers in better understanding the most common factors that contribute to road crashes and casualties, and show them how to reduce those risks. Our Safe Driving Policy seeks to establish a partnership – where we as the employer and our drivers adopt a safe approach to the task of driving, as they would any other work task.

To demonstrate its commitment, Swift Transport own a range of vehicles equipped with proven safety features that allow for a safer driving experience. These vehicles assist in crash prevention and, in the event of a crash, can offer good occupant protection.

Drivers intending to access our company vehicles are required to agree to abide by the Swift Transport Safe Driving Policy before taking possession of the vehicle. In this way, staff represent Swift Transport in a professional and responsible manner on the road, and act as role models for other road users.

All our drivers are put through rigorous training assessment and are experienced at strapping, tying, chaining down & transporting your load. In addition, our vehicles are equipped with all the safety equipment to be able to legally & safely transport your freight.

Swift Transport can take care of Air Freight, Sea Freight and Road Freight deliveries. Our objective is to be viewed as a total solution for all your transport needs. Our experienced staff will always show you the most efficient, economical & safest way to send or receive your goods.