Taxi & Courier Trucks

Taxi & Courier Trucks

Our vehicles were first designed in 1999 with the goal of maximising the services we could provide our clients, whilst reducing their transport costs. We do this by building all of our vehicles to the same specifications every time.
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Australia’s Most Versatile Courier Fleet

Swift Transport offers customers logistics services in the highest load rate capacity utes in the country. The vehicle setup and design allows our vehicle drivers to increate daily job numbers complete, complete jobs standard vehicles cannot and in return reduce logistics prices for our customers.

Dangerous Goods Capable

Our utes are also fitted with legal signage and can safely deliver a wide range of dangerous goods.

Self loading tail-lift

We focus on safety and delivering your cargo securely. That includes loading heavy items with our self loading tail-life.

Capable of towing up to 2,250kg

Require transport of towable items such as temporary traffic signs? Our utes are capable of towing a load of up to 2,250kg.

High sides for larger items

Our unique and patented design includes high sides to secure larger items safely during transport.

3 Way Racks capable of holding up to 600kg

The advantage of our 3 way racks means we can deliver long items totalling 600kg in one trip. That means lower costs and faster service.

Carry up to 6.5m lengths

Our engineered racking system allows us to deliver in a 1 tonne ute, what others' struggle to do with a truck.

Australia’s Best Set Up Courier Vehicles

Our Guarantee

No Competitor Can Legally Handle More Than Our Vehicles.

Another way we’re helping our customers lower transport costs even further.


Standard Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heavy Duty Tow Bar
  • Driver and Passenger Airbags
  • Power Steering
  • Bluetooth Hands Free
  • Factory Floor Mats
  • Immobilizer

1 Tonne Utes

Our 1 Tonne Ute’s contain the following customised features:


  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Tray (Fully Engineered)
  • Front nudgebar with removeable custom (ABR Approved) Rack
  • Headboard Rack & Removable Rear Rack
  • High Sides
  • Rear Mounted Tailgate Lifter on Tray Body
  • Under tray Toolbox
  • Rubber Tray Liner
  • Heavy Duty Towbar with Ringfeeder
  • Rotating Dangerous Goods Signs
  • Reverse Camera
  • Reverse Beepers
  • Engineer Approved 3 x Way Rack System to hold up to 600kg

4 Tonne Utes

Our 4 Tonne Ute’s contain the following customised features:


  • Heavy Duty 6.1m Steel Tray
  • Gates all-around
  • Standard Coaming with Gate Pockets & Drop Pins
  • 30mm Solid Bar Drop Pins & Chains
  • Side Steps
  • Heavy Duty Steel Tool box under Tray
  • Timber Dunnage Holder under Tray
  • Stair trolley holder under Tray
  • Winches on Track under Tray
  • Heavy Duty Side Rails
  • Re-inforced front-headboard
  • Heavy Duty Towbar with Ringfeeder
  • Rotating Dangerous Goods sign
  • Hydraulic tuck-away Tailgate on rear under tray

We take driver safety extremely serious.

Each vehicle contains the following

  • First Aid Kit
  • Riggers Gloves
  • Overalls
  • 4 x 2T Ratchet Straps
  • 4 x Load Angles
  • Rotating Flashing Beacon
  • Tow Bar Lock
  • Safety Cones
  • Combo Ring Feeder Tow Hitch
  • Hard Hat with Chin Strap
  • Ear Muffs
  • Safety Flags
  • 2 x Ropes
  • 2 x Furniture Blankets
  • Tool Hit
  • Trolley Padlock
  • A4 Document Holder
  • Safety Glasses
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Stair Trolley
  • Large Tarp
  • Torch & Battery
  • Clipboard
  • Safety/Break down Triangle
  • Triple 12V Adapter
  • Multiple Street Directories

You’ll be in good company

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